Ed's Story

Pampanga, Philippines is the birthplace of a man who, despite adverse circumstances, dared to dream of fulfilling his deepest wish to become a professional in the culinary arts. The new Head Chef of the Beeches hasn’t always had his way. This 51 year-old Filipino has spent a third of his life inside the kitchen, working his way up, plate after plate, day after day.
It wasn’t always the glitz and glamour of high-end restaurants. Ed earned his stripes starting as a dishwasher when he was 18 years old. With determination, blood, sweat and tears, he worked tirelessly to achieve his dream. He learned quickly, and climbed up the kitchen hierarchy, before securing a position at a five-star hotel in Manilla, as sous chef.
He dedicated himself to perfecting his trade. The heart and passion in his cooking  craft lead to an opportunity for him to showcase his life’s work in Japan, America, and finally, the UK. His talent has provided a wealth of exposure to a variety of operations, from hotels, casinos, restaurants, and as a culinary instructor.
Ed’s experience has refined his tastes and allowed him to create a diverse menu of western cuisine with a twist of oriental flavours, skilfully balanced by texture and presentation. He takes pride in leading a group of talented, energetic, and passionate chefs who share his values. Together they aim to offer the best quality and ultimate experience to delight their everyday. This is his passion, this is his story, he is Edgardo Miranda.